Wilson lænestol


Producent: Marac
Pris: fra 16.760 Kr
Farver: Ben fås i bøg eller mocca farve
95 cm. 81 cm. 86 cm.

Wilson lænestol med fast monteret betræk. Mange forskellige tekstiler og flere benfarver.


When Marac was established in 1969, it was a small company that had chosen the best craftsmen with the aim of producing high-quality sofas and armchairs. Within a few years it became an industry and had made itself a name in the world of design.
The reason for this achievement is on one hand the cooperation with Italian and foreign designers who were able to introduce always new elements while maintaining a strong connection with tradition, and secondly the ability to work with care and wisdom, giving to each element the beauty and quality of noble objects destined to last.

Wilson lænestol Wilson lænestolWilson lænestol

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